Len Michaels – CEO

Len Michaels has extensive experience in the maritime industry and brings unparalleled knowledge of both marine engineering and industry dynamics.

Under his management Shearforce Maritime Services has overseen several major ship modifications, new buildings and has appeared for and advised in numerous legal matters.

Len has worked in various roles throughout his career, including 10 years with a leading ship classification society as Principal Surveyor, responsible for the operational management and technical performance of all Marine activity in Australia, New Zealand and near Pacific Islands.

His other work experience includes roles with:

  • a leading naval and merchant shipyard as Assistant General Manager Marine Engineering;
  • Urban Transit Authority of NSW – Ferry Services Division as Engineer Manager;
  • Federal Department Of Transport (now AMSA) as Senior Marine Surveyor;
  •  various British flag shipping companies as a sea going Marine Engineer Officer.

Len is a Chartered Engineer and holds a Masters in Engineering Science, Mechanical Engineering from the University of NSW. He also attained the Extra First Class and First Class Certificates of competency Steamships and Motor ships, issued by UK Dept of Trade. Len is a Fellow of The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology.

Lina Diaz – Director

Lina Diaz’ past experience as a naval architect for a Statutory Authority and as a Marine Surveyor for a Classification Society  have given her a broad range of maritime knowledge and survey experience. She has also been the Principal of a Naval Architecture company for several years. This experience led to her involvement in providing technical advice for the development of a National Stability Standard for small vessels and publishing “Submissions for Survey and Classification: Do Yours Make the Grade? – The Australian Naval Architect”.

Lina has also been involved with the development of a stability teaching aid for OTEN which included the development of a stability book, loading calculator as well as shear force and bending moment diagrams to be used in their Master 5 to Master 3 course.

Lina has been deeply involved in the design for the lengthening  and widening of several landing craft/container ships to 65 m. The new sections were designed to be inserted amidships and the package delivered to the client included new stability books, complete structural design in accordance to Classification Society rules as well as piping schematics. She has also managed and has been involved in the design of series of three 67 m deck ships.

John McAuley

John McAuley has successfully completed contracts in the Far East and Australia in the offshore, shipping, towage, government and legal sectors. John has also conducted audits for ISM, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Prior to joining forces with Len, John was the NSW Senior Marine Surveyor for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) based in Sydney. He is highly experienced in Ship Inspections and Surveys, Auditing of PSC Inspectors, Accident and Safety Investigations, Oil Pollution Investigations, Oil spill management and Examination of Marine Engineers.

John has presented papers and lectured in ship safety, ship inspections and dangerous goods in several countries, including  New Zealand, China, Hong Kong and Australia. During the 2000  Sydney Olympics, he was responsible for advising, formulating, evaluating and testing emergency procedures on the 12 passenger ships used as floating hotels. John has also spent time training with the United States Coastguard (USCG) in Miami.

Prior to joining AMSA, John was an Engineering Superintendent, managing the technical aspects of a fleet of vessels trading world-wide. He has also stood by, as owners’ representative, during new ship construction and major re-engineering projects in Europe and has sailed as Chief Engineer on various vessel types.